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Professional PhotograpHic Passion

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Eagle 1 Photography has been professionally capturing images since the late 70's and commercially since 1982. A passion for capturing the perfect image is why it remains more of an art than a documentation.

Professional Photographic Passion

With an understanding of light developed in the 80's working with film and then migrating into the digital photography medium. I have also moved the post process from the darkroom to a custom high quality computerized post-process work-flow. Working with clients from start to finish I plan sessions with the final product in mind the process only works when there is a continuity of services. A majority of studios and photographers "farm out" to outside processing services to do the post work for them. The loss of control shows in the final product. The person that captures the images know them best. If you understand what can be done in post processing then you can shoot the original images with the complete process in mind knowing what the final product is intended to be.